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 I just have to share my beautiful new iPhone cases with you! Found them a few weeks ago via and fell in love immediatly..  


Watch out 

I’ve been lookin‘ forever for the perfect „grown up“ watch. But it’s so hard to decide when each and every pice I find is beyond beautiful … 

These one’s are my favourites – which one is your’s ?  


5 ways to a healthier lifestyle

I never was and probably will never be a huge fan of certain diets since I was always afraid of the „Jojo – effect“! But I am a fan of an healthy lifestyle (and yes, of course I love good food and sweets ;-)) and I discovered a few ways of beeing healthy without beeing on diet! 

1) Drink Water

I think everybody knows how much sugar cotains a glass of coke or lemonade. Also, in my opionion, a glass of lemonade sometimes makes me even thirstier than I was before. So I started drinking water – a lot of it! I try to drink 2,5 – 3 l of water everyday and I recognized that I not only feel better but also saw a significant change regarding my skin! I also tend to add lemons or limes to my water, because as you all know lemon water aids digestion and keeps your skin blemish free! 

2) Eat colours 

I have always loved vegetables and I love the taste of healthy food! So for me it’s normal to eat a lot of different vegetables and salads. I just do not really understand how there are people who just can’t stand vegetables! 🙂 So the next time you prepare a meal add some additional colours in form of vegetables to your plate! Make sure you have a salad as big as your Pizza beside you! 

3) Listen to your body 

I really needed some time to learn how to listen to my body ! But since I figured it out, it’s much easier for me to stay healthy since my body is telling me exactly what he needs! So for me eg. it’s neccessairy to have breakfast. Me and my body are just not working fine if I skip the breakfast but that might not appeal to everyone! You just need to figure out whats working best for you and your body ! 

4) Be realistic 

I know some people who manage to go to the gym 5 times a week and I tended to feel bad about myself when I didn’t manage to do the same. But let’s be realistic – if you have a full time job or exams at school, you just won’t have the time to be at the gym that often. So don’t set yourself under pressure if you don’t make it to the gym that often. There are other ways to stay fit! 

5) Use your environment 

As stated above, there are other ways to stay fit than going to the gym. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. If it’s good weather outside, ride a bike. Or just take a walk outside. And if you have the need of hitting the gym without hitting the gym – just do your workout at home ! 
Love, sani 


March. Spring time. Yaaaay. 

Thats what comes to my mind when I see the date on the calender. Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner. So let’s talk about spring trends! 

• Seventies 

Flared jeans, turtlenecks, fur jackets, long skirts, head – to – toe prints and fedora’s will definitly be  a big trend this spring. Some of you might know these garements from their childhood and/or youth and as we all know everything in fashion has it’s revival! To style up these garements you should go for head chains and big sunglasses! 

• Garden party 

Ok, it’s true. Flower pattens are not really a new, revolutional trend in spring. We see them every year .. but this year it’s how we style them what makes the difference. Last year we looked for cleaner looks but this year we go for all-flower looks and diffenrent patterns mixed together. Don’t be shy, there is no wrong way of wearing the trend. 

• Pastels 

Also the pastel trend is not quite new to us. The main colour this spring are lilac, nude, rose, vanilla, light lime and mango. The favorite pattern are pastel karos. In general we will wear the trend from head to toe oder the colours combined with each other. 

• Blue 

The light blue trend began last winter and continues this spring. We combine the colour with other neutral colours or other blue shades. 

• Marsala

Marsala is THE colour of the year 2015! The dark red tone is our favorite this year. Last winter we combined the colour with black and grey but now it’s time to fresh it up a bit. When wearing this trend we show skin and go for head to toe looks. We style it up with geometric patterns and transperent garments. The cherry on the marsala trend ice cream are stylebreakin‘ accessories. 

So, these are the most important trends. Hurry up and style up your warderobes with trend pieces. 

Love, sani 

Work in progress 

I was planning to publish my first outfit post today but it just doesn’t feel right since in reality I’m dressed in mostly basics which can get dirty these days. Why ? Because we are working all day to get the first Bik Bok Store in Austria ready for you !! So instead of some outfit pictures, I will show you a little sneak peek of our shop. Stay tuned !

Beauty Picks

Today I will show you my newest beauty picks !

Essence Lipstick – Nr. 05 „Cool Nude“ – I’m searching since forever for the perfect Nude Lipstick, so I’ll give this one a try !

Flormar Waterproof Lipliner – Nr. 231 – After the review from Zorana I decided to try this amazing colour!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – I really like the Maybelline Mascaras, so I’ll try out this one.

MAC Lipstick „Angel“ – After I’ve heard so many good reviews of this colour, I simply had to buy it !

Babylips Dr. Rescue „Just peachy“ „too cool“ – Usually I am a huge fan of Babylips, so I immediatly bought them when I saw them in Oslo!

EOS Lipbalm „strawberry sorbet“ & „summer fruits“ – Unfortunatly the Lipbalm is not available but i found them
in Oslo and after I heard so many good things about it, so I decided to try it !

You will get reviews about the products as soon as I tried them out!

Love, sani


Today I’ll give you a short summary about Oslo.

1. Flight When travelling from Austria I can recommend you to book a flight from
Vienna since it’s usually cheaper than travelling from smaller airports.

2. Hotel We stayed at Thon Hotel Cecil, which is nice. The rooms are equipped with the basics – Bed, bathroom, Tv, Minibar .. but you’ll also find an flat iron in the closet. I have to mention that because for me it’s really important, we all know that clothes get crinkled when travelling! The breakfast, available from 6:30 – 10 is really nice. You can say that there is nothing missing, you’ll find everthing your heart and stomach desires !

3. Sightseeing Unfortunatly since we were on a business trip we didn’t have much time for sightseeing exept for the last day! But we visited Aker brygge which is the promenade of Oslo! You’ll find a lot of Souvenir shops und small restaurants there. I recommend you to take a walk there at sunset. It’s amazingly beautiful!!

Royal castle of Oslo We were there on friday, which means that all the ministers of Norway come to the castle to meet the King for their weekly meeting! Because of that we stayed outside the castle but it’s nevertheless beautiful ! The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park which is for sure even more impressive when it’s spring / summer !!

The opera house Unfortunatly we saw the opera house only from the car window since we didn’t have time to go there. The opera was designed by the norwegian Architecture company Snøhetta abd is definitly worth the visit !

Unfortunatly that was all I can recommend you regarding sightseeing since as I told you already I didn’t have much time to explore the city ! If you need further information I can recommend you Visit Oslo.

4. Shopping Since it was time of our journey to get to know the Varner group we for sure did some shopping ! I can recommend you the Shopping streets Karl Johans Gate and Bogstadveien – all the big brands but also small norwegian / scandinavian shops are located there and you’ll find lovely pieces on every corner ! On rainy days you should visit Oslo City Center. And don’t forget to do Tax free – shopping is even more fun when you get some money back !

5. Food Going out in Norway can be very expensive since i. e the tax on alcohol is very high but you should defintly try out Olivia’s an italian restaurant at Aker brygge and Yaya’s Thai beach bungalow ! In both restaurants the food and the ambiente are on top !

If you have any further questions regarding Oslo, feel free to contact me !

Love, sani








The most important shoe trends for 2015

1) Sporty sneakers – Finally! Wearing Sneakers is no longer limited to the gym or to any leisure activities. In the last couple of months they have reached couture status and every Fashionista should have a pair of cool & comfortable sneakers at home!

2) Boho Fringes – Each and every year we find roman/gladiator sandals some details added or removed in the stores. The newly added detail this year are fringes, but they are no longer limited to just sandals. We can find them on ancle boots, flats, booties .. they are the absolute must-have in 2015!

3) Androgyn & trendy – After boyfriend jeans and oversize tees/sweaters/everything the next androgyn trend has arrived. I’m speaking of cool and androgyn college loafers. We saw them coming last year but as far as I am informed only Fashionistas and some other brave hearts got their hands on them. In 2015 each and everyone of you should hurry up and pimp your shoe shelves with this eye catchers.

4) High heels – I know what you’re thinking – thats not really a new trend. And you’re completly right, but it’s kind of re-invented. The high heels this year are no longer cute and nice and certainly the absolute trend colour is no longer BLACK ! The heels are going crazy this year, you’ll find them in a million different shapes & colours! There is no need to hold back anymore – show your creativity with your heels !

Love, sani