The 5 most important accessory trends for 2015

Accessory trends
  • Pearl Collars – Thin gold chokers with a pair or more pearls are starting to replace the statement and layered necklaces we saw last year. These pieces will add an extra wow-factor to every outfit.
  • Cuffed Jewellry – Somehow cuffed jewellry seems to be a trend nearly every year in some form or another. This year we can find them in countless different designs. My favorite ones are these cuffs from THP Shop.
  • Embellished Fedoras – As we all know, hats and fedoras were already an important trend in 2014 and we loved them. And that’s exactly why they will stay in 2015 as well. They come in many different shapes and designs such as braids, cuffed jewellry or feathers.
  • Chain Headpieces – Last year we had all kinds of headbands. This year we have the extended version in the beautiful form of chain headpieces. This accessory is everything in one fabulous piece, it’s a hair accessory, it’s jewellry and a hat – all in one! So hurry up and get your hands on this It-piece !
  • Holographic Accents – in 2014 we already saw some Fashionistas rockin‘ these perfect Eye catchers but in 2015 I think they are going to be the must haves of the year. So, add clutches and shoes in rainbow holographic designs to your shopping lists as soon as possible !

Love, sani


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