The most important shoe trends for 2015

1) Sporty sneakers – Finally! Wearing Sneakers is no longer limited to the gym or to any leisure activities. In the last couple of months they have reached couture status and every Fashionista should have a pair of cool & comfortable sneakers at home!

2) Boho Fringes – Each and every year we find roman/gladiator sandals some details added or removed in the stores. The newly added detail this year are fringes, but they are no longer limited to just sandals. We can find them on ancle boots, flats, booties .. they are the absolute must-have in 2015!

3) Androgyn & trendy – After boyfriend jeans and oversize tees/sweaters/everything the next androgyn trend has arrived. I’m speaking of cool and androgyn college loafers. We saw them coming last year but as far as I am informed only Fashionistas and some other brave hearts got their hands on them. In 2015 each and everyone of you should hurry up and pimp your shoe shelves with this eye catchers.

4) High heels – I know what you’re thinking – thats not really a new trend. And you’re completly right, but it’s kind of re-invented. The high heels this year are no longer cute and nice and certainly the absolute trend colour is no longer BLACK ! The heels are going crazy this year, you’ll find them in a million different shapes & colours! There is no need to hold back anymore – show your creativity with your heels !

Love, sani


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