Today I’ll give you a short summary about Oslo.

1. Flight When travelling from Austria I can recommend you to book a flight from
Vienna since it’s usually cheaper than travelling from smaller airports.

2. Hotel We stayed at Thon Hotel Cecil, which is nice. The rooms are equipped with the basics – Bed, bathroom, Tv, Minibar .. but you’ll also find an flat iron in the closet. I have to mention that because for me it’s really important, we all know that clothes get crinkled when travelling! The breakfast, available from 6:30 – 10 is really nice. You can say that there is nothing missing, you’ll find everthing your heart and stomach desires !

3. Sightseeing Unfortunatly since we were on a business trip we didn’t have much time for sightseeing exept for the last day! But we visited Aker brygge which is the promenade of Oslo! You’ll find a lot of Souvenir shops und small restaurants there. I recommend you to take a walk there at sunset. It’s amazingly beautiful!!

Royal castle of Oslo We were there on friday, which means that all the ministers of Norway come to the castle to meet the King for their weekly meeting! Because of that we stayed outside the castle but it’s nevertheless beautiful ! The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park which is for sure even more impressive when it’s spring / summer !!

The opera house Unfortunatly we saw the opera house only from the car window since we didn’t have time to go there. The opera was designed by the norwegian Architecture company Snøhetta abd is definitly worth the visit !

Unfortunatly that was all I can recommend you regarding sightseeing since as I told you already I didn’t have much time to explore the city ! If you need further information I can recommend you Visit Oslo.

4. Shopping Since it was time of our journey to get to know the Varner group we for sure did some shopping ! I can recommend you the Shopping streets Karl Johans Gate and Bogstadveien – all the big brands but also small norwegian / scandinavian shops are located there and you’ll find lovely pieces on every corner ! On rainy days you should visit Oslo City Center. And don’t forget to do Tax free – shopping is even more fun when you get some money back !

5. Food Going out in Norway can be very expensive since i. e the tax on alcohol is very high but you should defintly try out Olivia’s an italian restaurant at Aker brygge and Yaya’s Thai beach bungalow ! In both restaurants the food and the ambiente are on top !

If you have any further questions regarding Oslo, feel free to contact me !

Love, sani









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