March. Spring time. Yaaaay. 

Thats what comes to my mind when I see the date on the calender. Winter is almost over and spring is around the corner. So let’s talk about spring trends! 

• Seventies 

Flared jeans, turtlenecks, fur jackets, long skirts, head – to – toe prints and fedora’s will definitly be  a big trend this spring. Some of you might know these garements from their childhood and/or youth and as we all know everything in fashion has it’s revival! To style up these garements you should go for head chains and big sunglasses! 

• Garden party 

Ok, it’s true. Flower pattens are not really a new, revolutional trend in spring. We see them every year .. but this year it’s how we style them what makes the difference. Last year we looked for cleaner looks but this year we go for all-flower looks and diffenrent patterns mixed together. Don’t be shy, there is no wrong way of wearing the trend. 

• Pastels 

Also the pastel trend is not quite new to us. The main colour this spring are lilac, nude, rose, vanilla, light lime and mango. The favorite pattern are pastel karos. In general we will wear the trend from head to toe oder the colours combined with each other. 

• Blue 

The light blue trend began last winter and continues this spring. We combine the colour with other neutral colours or other blue shades. 

• Marsala

Marsala is THE colour of the year 2015! The dark red tone is our favorite this year. Last winter we combined the colour with black and grey but now it’s time to fresh it up a bit. When wearing this trend we show skin and go for head to toe looks. We style it up with geometric patterns and transperent garments. The cherry on the marsala trend ice cream are stylebreakin‘ accessories. 

So, these are the most important trends. Hurry up and style up your warderobes with trend pieces. 

Love, sani 


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