5 ways to a healthier lifestyle

I never was and probably will never be a huge fan of certain diets since I was always afraid of the „Jojo – effect“! But I am a fan of an healthy lifestyle (and yes, of course I love good food and sweets ;-)) and I discovered a few ways of beeing healthy without beeing on diet! 

1) Drink Water

I think everybody knows how much sugar cotains a glass of coke or lemonade. Also, in my opionion, a glass of lemonade sometimes makes me even thirstier than I was before. So I started drinking water – a lot of it! I try to drink 2,5 – 3 l of water everyday and I recognized that I not only feel better but also saw a significant change regarding my skin! I also tend to add lemons or limes to my water, because as you all know lemon water aids digestion and keeps your skin blemish free! 

2) Eat colours 

I have always loved vegetables and I love the taste of healthy food! So for me it’s normal to eat a lot of different vegetables and salads. I just do not really understand how there are people who just can’t stand vegetables! 🙂 So the next time you prepare a meal add some additional colours in form of vegetables to your plate! Make sure you have a salad as big as your Pizza beside you! 

3) Listen to your body 

I really needed some time to learn how to listen to my body ! But since I figured it out, it’s much easier for me to stay healthy since my body is telling me exactly what he needs! So for me eg. it’s neccessairy to have breakfast. Me and my body are just not working fine if I skip the breakfast but that might not appeal to everyone! You just need to figure out whats working best for you and your body ! 

4) Be realistic 

I know some people who manage to go to the gym 5 times a week and I tended to feel bad about myself when I didn’t manage to do the same. But let’s be realistic – if you have a full time job or exams at school, you just won’t have the time to be at the gym that often. So don’t set yourself under pressure if you don’t make it to the gym that often. There are other ways to stay fit! 

5) Use your environment 

As stated above, there are other ways to stay fit than going to the gym. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. If it’s good weather outside, ride a bike. Or just take a walk outside. And if you have the need of hitting the gym without hitting the gym – just do your workout at home ! 
Love, sani 


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