Last Day in Oslo

Our last day in the beautiful City of Oslo was actually just a half day but nevetheless it was really nice ! Even though the weather was „nordic“ which means it was really cold, windy and it rained, we walked around the City to visit some more stores of the Varner Group in Bogstadveien and Karl Johan Gate and to meet even more lovely Bik Bok Girls ! The only downside of the day was that our plane was a little bit delayed due to the bad weather, we didn’t miss our connection flight but my luggage stayed in Frankfurt! Luckily it will be deliverd in a few hours so there is nothing to worry about !








Oslo Day 3/4

Today we welcomed the upcoming year and the new season with a huge Bik bok kick – off event. 300 Bik bok girls from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and of course Austria came to Oslo to celebrate the new year, the upcoming season and the huge project of expanding to the austrian market! And of course we celebrated the fact of us being a part of the Varner family and being Bik Bok Girls !

Today I met so many lovely Girls and I’m really happy to be a part of the Bik Bok family and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and the launch of Bik Bok Austria !




Oslo Day 2/4

Today we spent the day in the Bik Bok Headquarters in Billingstad. We were able to meet a big part of the Bik Bok family and I feel really blessed to work with all these amazing people. I can’t wait the establish Bik Bok and the Varner group in Austria, it’s a lot of work waiting for us but it will be an amazing experience for each and everyone who’s part of the Varner family !

Come and visit the shops at our grand openings! There will be goodies and special offers prepared for you 🙂

Bik Bok & Dressmann Auhof Center – 05.03.2015

Bik Bok & Dressmann Citygate – 26.03.2015

Love, sani



Oslo Day 1/4

This week I’m on a business trip with Bik Bok in Oslo. I will stay here until friday evening and I can’t wait to explore this city. I’ve never been in scandinavia before but I always planned to go, so now I’m really happy to be here. Yesterday I spent the afternoon on Airports and on planes since we had an layover in Zurich. We landed in Oslo in the evening and after checking into our hotel we had dinner in an really lovely restaurant.

Today we spent the whole day visiting Bik Bok Stores all around Oslo. The people here are so lovely and kind, I really love it !!

I Hope you had a nice day and thank you for your comments !

Love, sani


Karl Johans Gate in the early morning


Good morning, I simply love sundays. Sundays are for stayin‘ in bed, eating junkfood and watching TV all day. But not today ! Since I’m going to Oslo tomorrow and haven’t packed yet, I will spend my day with ironing my clothes and packing my bag. I hope you all have a nice day!

Love, sani

The 5 most important accessory trends for 2015

Accessory trends
  • Pearl Collars – Thin gold chokers with a pair or more pearls are starting to replace the statement and layered necklaces we saw last year. These pieces will add an extra wow-factor to every outfit.
  • Cuffed Jewellry – Somehow cuffed jewellry seems to be a trend nearly every year in some form or another. This year we can find them in countless different designs. My favorite ones are these cuffs from THP Shop.
  • Embellished Fedoras – As we all know, hats and fedoras were already an important trend in 2014 and we loved them. And that’s exactly why they will stay in 2015 as well. They come in many different shapes and designs such as braids, cuffed jewellry or feathers.
  • Chain Headpieces – Last year we had all kinds of headbands. This year we have the extended version in the beautiful form of chain headpieces. This accessory is everything in one fabulous piece, it’s a hair accessory, it’s jewellry and a hat – all in one! So hurry up and get your hands on this It-piece !
  • Holographic Accents – in 2014 we already saw some Fashionistas rockin‘ these perfect Eye catchers but in 2015 I think they are going to be the must haves of the year. So, add clutches and shoes in rainbow holographic designs to your shopping lists as soon as possible !

Love, sani

New Love

I must confess: I’m a shoe-aholic ! I love, love, looove shoes and I could buy them 24/7 even though I end up wearing my favourites most of the time. The newest member of my collection are these beauties.  We saw a similar model some years ago when Maison Martin Margiela collaborated with H&M and now they’re back.

(you can find them here)

January Favorites

One of the categories on my blog will be the monthly favourites ! I will give reviews about my favourite Fashion / Beauty favourites of the past month.

  • AOK Seesand Peeling with white Tea – I am always looking for the perfect peeling since my skin gets easily dry, but I’m hardly ever satisfied. The peelings are either to „hard“ oder I don’t feel them at all. With the AOK Seesand Peeling I found the happy medium. I use the peeling 1 – 2 times a week or when needed.
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion – As I already stated above, my skin gets easily dry so I need a moisturizer which keeps my skin hydrated. I tried a bunch of different cremes but after a while I always get disappointed. But not this time ! I see a significant improvement in my skin while using the moisturizer, the skin looks a lot healthier. I use the moisturizer mostly in the morning before putting on make up or at night after cleaning my face.
  • Catrice Prime and Fine smoothing refiner – A friend recommended this Make up base since she is really satisfied and I have to say I share her opinion. The Base is not to heavy and refines the skin appearence immeadiatly.
  • Artdeco Fixing Powder – After trying different fixing powders I can say that this is definitly the best one (for me of course). The powder is rub and waterproof which made me love it even more. Definitly a must-have in my beauty case!
  • Artdeco Camouflage Cream – The camouflage cream is perfect covering little red spots or anything else that needs to be covered.
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Wunderkur – Last month I dyed my hair blonde (Ombre) so I needed a balsam to calm and nurture my hair. For me it works perfectly and my hair is recovering quickly from the colouring.

Love, Sani